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Bio Diesel Products & Solutions
The Renewable Energy Center can help you take waste cooking oil from resturants and turn it into Diesel fuel for; Cars, Heating, or Eletrical Generation.
The FuelMeister is not a do-it-yourself kit, it's a complete system with all of the key components you need to produce your own biodiesel with ease and confidence. Just prepare a barrel of waste vegetable oil, a barrel of methonol, 2 cans of Red Devil lye, and empty barrel for your biodiesel, a power outlet and a water hose.
Don't forget when you start making Bio-Diesel from waste cooking oil you are recycling what would be waste into fuel! It is a great way to pitch in and help save mother earth's precious resources.
The Renewable Energy Center in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin carries all of the products you will need to create your own biodiesel. Contact Us or Visit Us today!

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